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Logitech G502 HERO: The Best Gaming Mouse for £50?

Logitech g502


If you catch this gaming mouse on a sale for £50, you’ll have bought a great value product. This is a featureful piece of hardware that stylishly links to other Logitech G-Series products through a desktop program. The quality of the design packs in specs that you will actually use. From extensive customisation to the 11 programmable buttons, dual-mode scrolling wheel and precision tracking sensor.

If that sounds ideal then follow this break down of every feature that makes this mouse stand out. Or alternatively, go to our guide of the best cheap gaming mice on Amazon.

Feature Breakdowns

HERO Gaming Sensor

Logitech’s ‘next generation’ HERO sensor gives you the precision of 16,000 DPI. You will have no issues with smoothing, filtering and acceleration, a problem found in other mice.

11 Programmable Buttons

There is an incredible amount of customisation throughout the 11 individually programmable buttons. Logitech’s functionality within the G-Hub software allows you to use macros. You can remap all the buttons and conveniently the RGB lights too…

LIGHTSYNC Customisable RGB

Logitech has created an impressive ecosystem of hardware. Every accessory with LIGHTSYNC can be synchronised to games, audio or even what is on your screen. Each of your LIGHTSYNC products are able to be synced to games, audio and your screen. The expansive compatibility makes this an RGB experience. There are approximately 16.8 million colours to animate to your preference all to enhance your experience. Some say it’s excessive but we think it what makes our setups stand out.

Dual Mode Hyper-Fast Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel features a toggle which switches between a normal scroll and the ‘hyper-fast scroll’. It allows you to have that edge on players with a continuous scroll wheel. The ability to switch back is useful because the fast scroll wheel might not be important in most games.

Balance and Weight Control

The customisability features of this product are impressive. From buttons to scrolling almost everything on this device can be tailored to your liking. The weights allow for perfect adjustment of hand movement speed and accuracy while offsetting any balance issues.

Extra Performance Features

Mechanical Switch Button Tensioning

A system with metal hinges in the buttons creates a click that feels crisp but remains clean with rapid click feedback.

Rubber Side Grips

The look of these rubber grips is surprisingly premium, the pattern screams futuristic. The positioning of buttons is designed for efficiency and reduces accidental presses.

Click Durability

After a key switch life test, it’s clear the durability of the G502 competes to the standard of a pro. It outs a life of 50 million clicks or 5 hours of pro training a day for 10 years. So no worry there then.

DPI Shift/Cycle

The ability is there to toggle between 5 different DPI’s at once. Customisation can open you up to using from 100 to 16000 DPI.

Logitech G-Series Ecosystem

Logitech offers synchronisation between your accessories, all available in a portal enabling optimisation and customisation of all supported G Gear. G HUB works with mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and webcams to allow the synchronisation of lighting. This is why we recommend the following equipment to accompany the G502 Gaming Mouse.

G513 RGB + LIGHTSYNC Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With all performance key switches, customisable individual RGB keys harnessing the Logitech LIGHTSYNC and G-Hub software.

G533 LIGHTSPEED Wireless DTS 7.1 Gaming Headset

An impressive quality performance piece specially manufactured to compliment all setups, this comfortable pair of headphones is a premium look.

G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speakers

The impressive sound of this desktop speaker is a great alternative to headphones. The bass that you feel during movies is a completely different experience. These can also act as lighting that can be synced up to your other accessories through Logitech LIGHTSYNC

Logitech g502


Logitech G502
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