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Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

What should I be Spending?
Prices of monitors vary depending on the resolution, refresh rates and screen size. A smaller monitor, 22 to 24 Inches at 1080p 60Hz will cost in the region of £80-110, while 144Hz versions of the same size cost up to £200. Screen sizes larger than this will be costing in the region of £250-300+. 4K resolutions with 144Hz refresh rates start around £250 for 24 Inches. Prices vary considerably and so its best to buy on a sale.
FHD vs 4K
While 4K support is growing exponentially in entertainment and games, the price is considerably higher for these resolutions. Most games do have 4K support, but it is down to the power of your PC or console whether you can run them at adequate framerates. In most cases, Full HD 1080p is the ideal resolution meaning you can maximise your framerate, which is the key for the most visual improvement. Larger monitors at 1080p will mean you start seeing the individual pixels, but on the most part, it’s worth the extra frames.
60Hz vs 144Hz
The different refresh rates of monitors are determined by the number of frames you can run games at. While other monitors exist with even higher rates, these are the two common ones, with 60Hz as the general rule for older consoles and 144Hz for high-end PCs. 144Hz is incredibly smooth in comparison when in fast-paced games with reduced motion blur, but anything higher won’t make much of a visual difference.
Curved VS flat
Some monitors are curved which has a small effect in immersing the user in the screen. The curve doesn’t make a negative impact on gaming and is up to personal opinion. There are minor issues with the viewing angle being reduced but there are only a couple degrees in it, therefore shouldn’t affect your experience.

Here are our top picks in each monitor product segment including Best All Round, Best for PS4 and Xbox One, and our 4K Pick for PC and PS4 Pro.

Best All Rounder – Recommended

FHD 144Hz 24 Inches
If you ask any pro gamer they will always be using a 144 Hz monitor, being able to display more frames each second. This creates a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience. A decent monitor is very important to get that competitive edge in online games. This ASUS gaming monitor is amazing if you are looking to get to a competitive level of gaming. You are able to swivel, tilt and pivot the monitor to get full control of adjustability. This monitor has the capability to be mounted to the wall with VESA Wall Mounting.
1ms Response Time
Greater Contrast Screen
Stable Design and Build
Support for Display Port, HDMI and DVI-D
Highly Adjustable
Image Optimisation with Video Modes

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Best for Consoles – 60Hz for PS4 and Xbox One

Dell se2719hr
FHD 60Hz 27 Inches
For the console generation including the PS4 and Xbox One, this allows you to maximise their capabilities of 60Hz refresh rate and Full HD 1080p. The large and beautiful antiglare, the antiflicker screen is perfect for any setup. The main reason we chose this as our recommended pick for these consoles is the superb 178-degree viewing angle maintaining colour accuracy and consistency. This is one of the most requested features for local cooperative gaming on consoles, meaning as many friends can gather around for the same experience.
Small and Sturdy Stand
Flicker-Free Screen
Anti-Glare Screen
FreeSync Compatible up to 75 Frames (PC Users)
Support for HDMI and VGA
Easy Tilt Monitor
Wide Consistent Viewing Angle

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Best for Quality – 4k for PS4 Pro and PC

4k 60Hz 28 Inches
To get the most out of your PS4 Pro or PC an upgrade to a 4K monitor will let you maximise the capability of your device. Once you upgrade to a 4K monitor you will never want to go back to low quality again, your games will be looking crisp and clean. The ergonomic design with built-in adjustability allows you to get comfortable while gaming on a console or PC. We chose this monitor as our recommended for quality because of the size (28 inches) and 4K capability ensuring a visually pleasing experience.
 2 HDMI ports
Flicker-Free Screen
Ergonomic Design
Low Blue Light
1ms response time
TUV Certified
Wide Consistent Viewing Angle

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