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Fortnite: Step Up and Win More Competitive Games

Fortnite is not dead.

With countless tournaments every week, there is no better time to get stuck into the competitive scene. Read on to find out some of the best methods to start ranking higher and get that cash prize to fund your competitive lifestyle.

Our pro guide aims to get you to actually improve by giving you realistically productive tools and techniques for aiming, building, editing and game sense etc.


Aim training is a necessary tool to begin competing with high skilled players. In the most part, improving your aim is actually one of the best ways to see a difference in your game play. As a result of practicing shot variants, getting used to using every gun, and speeding up your reaction time you will find that wins will come more often.

Creative Aim Maps

The following are aim training maps that are used by pro fortnite players. To set these up just input the codes in creative. Also, follow the links and subscribe to support them.

Skaavok aim training
Donwozi’s YouTube – Go and Sub
Geerzy’s combat training
Geerzy’s YouTube – Send Some Love.

KovaaK’s FPS Aim Trainer

The next best and what pros use alongside their creative practice is KovaaK’s FPS Aim Trainer. You can find this for free on Steam and has tried and tested results in getting your aim to be fast and accurate. We recommend Tile Frenzy mode for better flicks which will directly improve your shotgun one taps.


The pro-level building focuses on box play, tunnelling and high ground retakes. From looking into the best methods of improving these areas we have concluded that developing your muscle memory is the key. This also links in with editing, which you can check below.

Build Battles

The best way is through creative build battles and scrims. Although creative differs from in-game play, practising and repeating the actions over will create this memory so that when you are under pressure you can maintain consistency. You can get your own creative build battles set up easily, just bring a friend into the lobby to 1v1 with your focus on retaking high ground, boxing for defence and editing to get the shot or escape.


Scrims are the best alternative method of practising building, as you are forced into quick games with skilled players seeking similar practice. Any derivative of the Zone Wars game mode should work, and these games can be found through Discord servers. Just search Fortnite Discord Scrim Servers on your browser and enter one of these to find likeminded players.


Like building, editing is a result of built-up muscle memory, as in the repeated practice of editing will result in consistent and faster edits. With editing the starting point for most people is to scale back to a lonely creative map tailored for repeated edits. The benefit of these maps are that these have been set up to feature varied edits of different skills. Check out some of the pro players on their warm up, this is what they’ll be doing to hone their muscle memory.

Creative Edit Course

Here is a stand out edit course which works directly to build muscle memory, and a few hours of this will advance your skill greatly.

Percy’s Edit Course
Percy’s YouTube – Go and Subscribe

Key Binds

One of the easiest improvements is putting thought into your key binds, whether you might require a keyboard upgrade or just a change, this will make a huge difference.

Alternatively if you can, try using the double edit-key binds and scroll reset techniques to reduce edit time dramatically. The double edit-key bind requires using a button on your mouse as well as your original edit button on keyboard. Mapping a mouse button to be the same as your keyboard edit allows you to simultaneously use the scroll reset. You should be able to do this through your mouse settings. Check our mouse buying guide to find an upgrade with mapping software.

The scroll wheel reset is used as a backup in this instance and allows for extremely quick resets on an edit.

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